Auriferous Technologies

Product Information:-

The real estate sector’s fortunes are tied to the growth of economies. Being in a highly capital-intensive industry, you face several challenges in diverse areas of your business: in project planning and execution, project costing, collaborating with preferred suppliers/ sub-contractors, visibility on cash flow, pricing and regulatory compliance. To profit, you keep to keep costs down, accrue efficiencies across processes, and stay competitive by passing on these benefits to the customer through optimum pricing. You need to manage project planning, site selection, construction, budget planning, regulatory approvals, and every other aspect of your business smartly.

With Aurifero for the Real Estate & Construction Industry, you can bolster efficiencies and visibility across your enterprise. Gain a close view of your spending vis-à-vis budgets, across projects and locations. Leverage years of experience gained by Auriferous in successfully delivering technology solutions to Middle to small players in the real estate industry. Reduce your costs without compromising on quality and re-write industry benchmarks.

Manage leads better. Convert them into actual revenue:-

Get to view your potential customers in advance and help them evaluate properties better. Keep a close real-time watch on your opportunities, from anywhere. Gauge lead generation progress anytime, and plan the next steps with your potential customers. Make every customer engagement count, and remain in close touch with opportunities that may translate into actual revenue.

  • Maintain status and activities concerning next engagement, information sought, site visits, etc. with optimized Sales management
  • Find and focus on hot opportunities by using analytical views of the leads you are working on Convert leads into customers.

Many projects, plans, locations and brokers! Business seems very difficult to operate if all these do not come under one roof for you to have clear visibility and control over projects, their associated plans, bookings, customer details, and so on. Auriferous on net equips you to manage your properties in an integrated fashion, tying teams, marketing, finance and collection together.

  • Manage multiple companies and projects
  • Create a complete inventory of properties of different types with all required details
  • Easily maintain status of units, such as Blocked/ Available/ Sold
  • Use rule-based pricing to define the prices for various Units/ Unit Types etc.
  • Add multiple payment plans according to their types (Construction Linked, Down Payment, Time Linked Plans) for basic,
  • Manage early payment rebate or delayed payment interest easily with built-in features
  • Send reminder alerts for payment as per schedule
  • Have a consolidated view of a customer having multiple properties

Manage Finance Smartly:-

One of the main reasons of ERP fail is because there isn’t a good bookkeeping system in place that would provide warning signs the business could run out of cash. You can choose to set up a booking system manually (Using accounting books), electronically (spreadsheets) or choose a solution.

Financial Accounting is tightly integrated with all the modules. Online, real time integration between financials, materials and marketing to ensure automatic reconciliation between Material Procured, utilized, work progress and contractor billing. Consolidation of accounts across projects and companies, actual inflow, outflow, breakeven point helps in knowing funds and cash positions.

Auriferous offers a powerful tool for displaying consolidated receivables, payables, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, etc at a glance. Financial indicators can be easily executed based on the company’s financial health reflected through Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Center of approvals as a final step to payment to vendors or employee, besides handling all the accounting activities

  • All workflows for all voucher payments from all departments must come online to Finance
  • Auto posting of Voucher entry into Financial Accounting System
  • Auto creation of Group – Ledger – COA as mapped in rules setup during configuration
  • Tax Master for easy configuration of new taxes and rules as and when they come
  • Audit functionality for auditors to be involved in selection of vouchers for verification
  • Auto BRS (Bank reconciliation) via excel files download from banks
  • Multi-company accounting
  • 100% import tool to Tally