About Us

Technological advancements have thrown up new possibilities to make your infrastructure and policies highly systematic and efficient. As business operations shift increasingly to the thousands of devices endpoints and application distributed throughout a network. Information and knowledge has become a critical component of remaining globally competent.
Auriferous is an Indian Technology Company. We started in 2007 with an idea of constructing a usable software solution for real Estate Industry. We want to encourage people to use our product to its full latent – to help them to reach their commercial goal in each cost center.
By constructing software that’s stress-free and simple and can be operated by any staff in the organization, we are confident that we’ve done it. It we achieved our goal of constructing helpful software that people actually want to use, we can fundamentally change the style of the real estate industry.

With this in mind, our team is constructed based on the three principles:

A Simple software solution that’s clean, easy on the eye and so simple that any staff could work it out. Surf like a browser, drill down your project cost to a single entry. Our definition of ‘simple’ doesn’t involve complex features and analytical selections but plenty of features within the grip of every one.
Technology now plays a role in almost every aspect of business, and the pace of modernization is only increasing. We believe our users are entitled to rely on us – their developers – to help them keep stride alongside technology as its races into the future. Our software should improve as technology changes.
The relationship between Auriferous and our customer should always remain a two-way-street. As vendor, acting on your feedback and constantly improving your business is our core mission. We make our software better and our users our greatest advocate.
Auriferous is fast growing enterprise software player in the pace of real estate. Auriferous focuses on providing innovative business solution that can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively in complex environments.
At Auriferous, we believe that technology should simplify businesses, not complicate them; it should free you, not tie you down.